Winter and summer are by far the most popular times to visit Big Sky Country. But, visiting Montana in the fall brings a whole new beauty to the state. Here are 5 reasons to visit us in the fall.

1. The Colors

As seasons change, all the green growth that covers most of the area changes with it. In Montana in the fall, leaves fall and all colors turn to a beautiful yellow, red, and orange. Driving and hiking around Big Sky you will find beautiful landscapes and scenic overlooks.

Due to the altitude of Big Sky, it is not unusual for there to be snow covering the mountains starting in September, this adds to some of the greatest views in the United States.

a picture of the Gallatin River in Montana in the fall

Fishing on the Gallatin River in the fall

2. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is most popular in the summer, because of this the animals in the park travel further into its depths to find solace. However, once fall comes, there is less traffic in the park and the animals are very active. Bears are constantly looking for food, wolves are seen running through open areas, and smaller critters come back to the close reaches of the park.

You won’t regret spending a day or two traveling through Yellowstone National Park and you will definitely see all that it has to offer.

bison in Yellowstone National park in the fall

3. Craft Beer

Montana has the 3rd number of breweries per capita in the United States. Brewing beer in Montana is an old tradition and each brewery has something for everyone. Big Sky alone has two amazing breweries, Bozeman has over 10.

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Bridger Brewing, located just off the Montana State University campus

4. Quiet

The big tourist seasons in the state are winter and summer. Because of this, you will find Big Sky relatively deserted during the fall. If you are looking to get away to a peaceful town and rest, look no further. Sitting back next to a fire and watching the sunset every night is incredibly peaceful.

a sunset looking at Saddle Ridge in Moonlight Basin

A beautiful sunset in Moonlight Basin

5. Hiking

Big Sky is home to some of the best hiking in the United States. With countless trails ranging in difficulty from easy to expert, there is a trail that is perfect for you. Fall is a great time to check out trails because there are fewer people around. You will have the trail all to yourself. Additionally, the colder temperatures make hiking far more comfortable.

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Lava Lake

Enjoy your fall vacation in Big Sky! And stay safe out there!

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