Big Sky Montana is a small town with limited/expensive options for grocery shopping. Here is a guide to grocery stores in Big Sky and grocery stores in Bozeman.

 Bozeman Grocery Stores

When traveling to Big Sky, most people fly into the Bozeman airport, which gives the perfect opportunity to buy food for the entire duration of a visit to Big Sky. Bozeman has many grocery options that have good prices and large organic options. Here are our picks of the best locations:

  • Albertsons: The Albertsons in Belgrade is the closest grocery store to the airport. It has a large selection of food with good prices.
  • Costco: If you are traveling in a large group shopping at Costco can be a great option. This bulk store has most things needed for a stay in Big Sky, including beer and wine.
  • Rosauers: If you value organic food Rosauers is a great option for groceries. This store has a large selection of organic and nonorganic foods. They also have a great selection of beer and wine.
  • Whole Foods (opening February 1, 2023): Similar to Rosauers, Whole Foods is a premiere organic grocery store. Starting February 1st you will be able to shop there.

Big Sky Grocery Stores

Grocery shopping in Big Sky is limited to a couple of different locations. Shopping in Big Sky is convenient, however, you should expect resort prices and at busier times (holidays) selection may be limited.

  • Roxy’s Market: Roxy’s is the biggest grocery store in Big Sky. They have great organic options and most regular grocery items as well. They are sometimes understocked at busy times and typically have resort prices. Roxy’s is the one grocery store in Big Sky that will deliver to your rental property. 
  • Hungry Moose Market: The Hungry Moose Market has 2 locations in Big Sky, one in the Mountain Village and one in the Big Sky Town Center. The Hungry Moose has a smaller selection of food, but they have a great deli, a variety of premade meal options, and a great wine selection.

If you are just looking for dining recommendations in the Big Sky area check out our Locals Guide to the Best Places to Eat In Big Sky

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